Sudanese division events department is pleased to invite you to the next event, more information as follow.


* The event will take place in Thursday, July the 6th, from 17:30 UTC till 21:30UTC
* The event consists of two legs. HSMN - HSPN & HSPN - HSSS.
* HSPN - HSSS route: PSD UG660 BOPID.
* Charts and Sceneries can be found in our website


Note: you must at least download the HSMN Scenery as it's not included in the default Flight Simulators airports.

* All pilots will be awarded one point for each leg they fly counted toward the Pilots Events Award which needs total of 10 points to be awarded.
* All ATC will be awarded 1 point for each 2 hours they're online as an active controller in one of the event airports airspaces to be counted toward the ATC Events Award which needs total of 10 points to be awarded.

* For controllers whom willing to book ATC position, they need to send their request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the same email address they use in IVAO with the following info:
1- Name
2- VID
3- Position

For more information visit Sudanese division website on


Wishing you happy flying, nice landings and wonderful controlling.


Musab Ahmed

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