We are proud in the Sudanese division to announce for our first special operation event, which come twice in Fridays 4th and 11th august 2017.
Aim of the event
The is to prevent unauthorized civilian aircraft to inter your border and intercept it with fighters squadrons
If you are the fighter aircraft, you must be in your cockpit on time and coordinate with your leader only.
All orders must be to and from the leader because he is the pilot in command.
How to intercept:-
If you are the leader, you must listen carefully to the information, from ATC he will guide you with heading and speed and you must calculate the approaching speed of target
You must come to the target from left side to check the situation and check tail number of the target and the country of the target and you must contact him in guard freq. 121.5 with this phrase ( Sudan airways with tail number 123 you cross the border of the Republic of Sudan and you have been intercepted by Sudanese air forces identify yourself ). After identifying, you have to contact the ATC with information’s and follow the orders.
The responsibilities of the fighter pilots:-
To protect the border and to keep the target contact with ATC by you
To insure the target arrived safely in the airport that the ATC told you to let him land on
For the leader to arrange the formation and if the leader out the leadership will be to num 3 after him to 5 and so on and must have one aircraft behind the formation to be the free man to get into the engage at any time all these are under the responsibility of the leader
The squadrons involve-
You can arrange 2 to 3 squadrons the members are as required
1- Eagles
2- Falcons
3- Tigers
Airbase stations
2- Guniena airbase (HSGN)
The airbase that will be the target land on
The ATC is response to guide the formation until intercept the target via QDM
And response to give the fighter the orders to bring the target
To give immediate take off without delay and be quick in actions and think ahead
1-come to target ahead of him
2- Disobey the orders
3- No contact with target or hit him
4- Land before the target
Charts can found here


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