- Type of flight: VFR. 
- Respect the Visual Flight Rules at all times. 
- Use of single/twin/three propeller, piston/turboprop, fixed wing aircraft that is not bigger than max. takeoff weight: 17,120 lb (7,764 kg), Ex: C172, C182, PA28. 
- Accelerated mode is NOT allowed. 
- Maximum altitude is 6500ft AMSL. 
- Maximum speed is 250KIAS. 
- Flights must be completed online using a real-weather source. 
- You must disconnect before starting the next leg. 
- Only (1) legs per day are allowed. 
- A maximum disconnection of 15 minutes will be accepted. 
- Flights with wrong Departure, Arrival, Type of flight plan, Aircraft information or other flight plan information will NOT be accepted. 
- Flight Plans with a valid route are required. Flights with DCT and/or DCT/GPS or VFR DCT as Flight Plan will NOT be accepted. 
- Maximum allowed speed below 10,000 feet is (250kt IAS) or on request and ATC approval. 

MODA (Reporting system): 
- If you had any disconnection mention it in Remarks. 
- If any change of call sign during flight mention it in remarks. 
- Completed leg must be reported after completed. 
- All times must be reported in UTC. 
- Mention in the remarks any change of Call sign. 
- Please note tailwind or headwind and report it while submitting leg for validation. 

This tour will end on (31/03/2019). 
Enjoy and good luck !

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